Writing 101: size matters

Size Matters: write about the house you lived in at age 12. Use short, medium, and large length sentences. 

Ungrateful & spoiled. I did not comprehend what I was given, nor did I care. I spent time trying to be someone else. Now I see how great my life was. It’s too late and all I have is memories.

My family and I lived in the same house since before I was created. My mom still lives there with my son.

Yellow with dark magenta/purple/maroon shutters if I remember correctly. A red door with ivy growing alongside. The 5 step stairs were lined with a thorny carnation-like bush.

Touches of 60’s throughout the house on the wallpaper and tiles.

My room was light blue. Now and then I would make a bed on the floor from a down comforter and pillows. I’m surprised my parents allowed me to sleep on it weeks at a time.

Different seasons brought their own aroma into the house. Winter time filled the house with “stove burned wood” & “pine tree” (We always left our tree up longer than everyone else). Spring was the smell of rain. Summer was my favorite, it was “freshly cut grass” and “air conditioner” (don’t ask me why, I always did & always will love the smell of an air conditioned house/car). Fall was apples & crisp air.

When I walk into that house now I can feel an energy from the memories made.